"Glory Rain" was birthed with a song"
Glory Rain In Seattle!
April 9, 2003
GLORY RAIN IN SEATTLE - Report by Joshua Mills
New Wine International Ministries

We have just returned from our weekend "Worship from the Waterfall" conference in Seattle, Washington at River Glory International Church with Pastors Steve & Karen Meyering. We had a tremendous weekend full of the Word, worship and miracles - with the Lord releasing and bringing forth many new prophetic songs. During these times of worship you could feel the Lord raining down His "glory showers" and as His Glory fell many people were healed of all manner of sickness and disease.
I arrived in Seattle on Wednesday afternoon, by way of Greyhound Bus, within ten minutes of being at the Pastor's house on my arrival, the Lord put a new song on my lips called "Glory Rain" and it became the theme song for our weekend.

Shelly- The Netherlands

I wanted to share something with you...Almost 2 years ago, you was in Lelystad and God showed you something for me. You told me that He showed you a house full of kids...you said that i would start a daycare in my home. But i couldnt understand that...cause i mean, i love kids, but i didnt see myself working all day with them. But the funny part is, that i always had an idea to open a daycare in Curacao (where i was born)...My father died when i was 10 and he left my sister and i a house. Well that idea became reality...i was in Curacao in february and God remembered me of the day you told me that i would have a daycare in my house....He showed me the house in Curacao...and i was shocked...it was true what you saw...i am starting a daycare in MY house, but in my house in Curacao! It was so strange, i couldnt belief it! In august the daycare is gonna start. I would like to ask you to pray for me that everything will go (more than) well.

Achiel - Belgium

I was in a meeting on Tuesdays evening September 23 rd with prophet Steve Meyering. I have seen and experienced Gods miracles myself.
I had pain in my back for thirty years. I had no job. I asked Stephen to pray for me for healing and I sensed Gods power. Before I had never felt Gods touch through the prayer of another person as strong. Suddenly my pain disappeared. I could hardly believe it. This noon I told my wife: it is almost impossible but still, I have to believe the Lord did that.
After thirty years of pain it is almost not believable that you are without pain one day. I can cry out in joy to the Lord and give Him thanks for all that he has done.

Gayle - Holland

In April 2004 I became a born-again Christian and a few weeks later I was invited to the meeting of a 'Prophet' in Gorredijk. I thought they only existed during the time of Jesus, so this was an amazing experience for me. The prophet was Steve who told me, (among other messages), that I was going to do work for people in my country. I am from Zimbabwe. Two weeks before that, I received an e-mail for financial help for orphans who’s parents had died of AIDS. I thought 'How could he have known this, does God really talk to people like that?' Then my work began, we formed a Foundation and since then, the money, thousands of Euro's , has never stopped coming in. We feed about 45 children and pay for medicines for AIDS patients. In 2006, I was offered a ticket to visit this 'home' that was in the 'middle of no-where' but now these children live in a suburb in Harare and are able to attend school.
Isn't God great!
Thank you Steve, your prophecy has made me hold onto your word especially in the beginning when it was so difficult to get sponsors and gifts.
I am still waiting for the prophecy of my health which I know is still to come.
God bless you.

Testimonies of “Lost being found” Prophetic Sign of 2014 Being Year of Recovery

Stay strong my friend I declare over you John 10:10 as SIGN you will see recovery of something that you lost.

Chera Dee

I just want to say that this word is right on. Yesterday 1-2-14 my family and I went to Oregon to go ice-skating. While there I noticed that my wedding rings were missing. Immediately we prayed, Lord we know that you can return lost or stolen things to their rightful owners amen. When we got home and were getting ready for bed my husband found my rings under the covers. I believe that God performed a miracle for us and will continue to.


A few months a go I found my precious earring that I had lost 4 Years ago! when we were in the middle of the desert. I always saved the other one. And now the earring was rolling out of something while Alan and I where cleaning the loft. We still don't know how it came out. Wow Glory to God.


I had lost a Coin, a “Silver Dollar” that was very special to me, It had been lost a long time. But a few days after giving the Prophecy for 2014 I found the Silver Dollar, Amazing, Yes 2014 is a “Year of Recovery” And ‘Lost Objects being found are a Sign of what God is doing.


Love it! I started practicing the treasure-hunt-anointing again since you posted the prophecy for 2014. I got two pacifiers and my baby's favorite toy that we lost back so far. Thanks for posting, our next challenge is to find things we didn't know we lost!


Someone Just found my Bible that I lost a year ago!

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