From Glory To Glory

By Steve Meyering

In 1906 a "New Pentecostal Outpouring" began; It started in a house on Bonnie Brae street in Los Angeles and soon moved to a small building on Azusa Street that was formerly used as a warehouse and stable. It was here in an obscure little facility that this Pentecostal Outpouring became a worldwide movement. And for three years following, Christians from around the world who were hungry for more, flocked to Azusa Street seeking a deeper experience in God.

Another great Move of God began in 1948, and not by coincidence, the same year that Israel became recognized as a nation. This Move of God began in an obscure place as well, in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. One of the revelations that came forth during this Move of God was the revelation of the restoration of the Five- Fold ministry mentioned in Ephesians 4:11-13. These five ministries are: Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Prophet and Apostle. All five of these are meant to equip the Saints and to bring the church to maturity and function. And for the following sixty years into the present day, the Spirit of God began to restore and fine-tune these ministries to their proper place of function. It began with the Evangelistic Office.

The Evangelist 1948-60

The Evangelist represents the Feet of Jesus because their feet are shod with the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 52:7). The 10-12 years following the revival in 1948 was a special time for the Evangelist. In 1948 Evangelist Oral Roberts began crisscrossing America with the largest portable Gospel tent ever, up to that time. Also in 1948 Evangelist T.L. and Daisy Osborn began their ministry as healing Evangelists and for the next 10 years were involved in large and very successful evangelistic crusades around the world. We must also mention Billy Graham who, in the autumn of 1949, held an evangelistic crusade in Los Angeles, California that lasted for 12 weeks! Also we see in 1951 the beginning of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International under the leadership of Demos Shakarian. This Ministry was instrumental in bringing many to salvation, and was taking the Gospel outside the four walls of the church building.

The Pastor 1960-72

Moving on now God puts His hand upon the Pastors and Shepherds to pastor the harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom because of the increased evangelistic activity. It was during this time that the Mega Churches were increasing in many cities across America and the world, some with membership in the thousands. But, as with any Move of God there were some abuses like over controlling the Flock of God. Some sheep may have been injured. However, balance came and true Pastors emerged teaching and equipping Believers to hear from God, to be able to enter into their particular giftings.
It is imperative to add that this period of time ushered in the beginning of the Charismatic Renewal with many of the traditional churches experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. David Du Plessis prepared the road for this since WW11, also in the Catholic Charismatic renewal. Later on Dennis Bennet of the Episcopal Church became one of the ‘Pastors of the Movement’. He penned the classic, Nine O’clock in the Morning.

The Teacher 1970- 82

In the 70’s the emphasis began to be on the Teacher, and a major shift was taking place within the Church structure and function. A new wine skin was coming forth to carry the new wine of what God was expressing. New Christian Book stores opened and many new authors began writing on a variety of Christian topics. During this time of the Teacher two very popular Bible Translations were published, the New King James Version in 1979 and the New International Version in 1973. Also Many Bible Colleges began to spring up, teaching on the new things that God was doing, such as Rhema Bible Training Center in 1974, and Christ for the Nations Institute in 1970. This was also the time that Contemporary Christian Music came on the scene. And Christian Television Networks such as TBN founded by Paul and Jan Crouch in 1973 were birthing forth. This was truly a renaissance for the Teacher and all of its various forms of expression.
Up to this point in time I have touched upon the Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher, which has been an accepted part of Church leadership since the days of the Early Church. But now God began to move in a realm that was more controversial as He put His hand upon the restoration of the Prophetic Office.

The Prophet 1982-Present

It was during these years that a special emphasis was placed upon the restoration of the Office of the Prophet. In America there were three evident streams of the prophetic coming forth. One began in Kansas City in 1982 with Mike Bickle, a Pastor of a Church that was connected with the Vineyard movement. Two of the main Prophets associated at that time with Mike Bickle were Bob Jones and Paul Cain. Another prophetic stream was a group called Morningstar in 1985 with Rick Joyner as the Leader. And still, the third stream with Christian International in 1982 with Bishop Bill Hamon.
Now the Church was beginning to move in an area where it had not been for over a thousand years. Many questions began to arise as well as controversy as to what is a New Testament Prophet? The key word to describe the present day Prophet is the word restoration. The present day Prophets are to encourage God’s people, not discourage them. The word equipping began to take on more meaning during the Prophetic Movement as the Prophets realized it was not their job to simply prophesy over people, but their main focus should be to teach others how to hear the voice of God and prophesy as well.

The Renewal 1994-Present

In January of 1994 God began to move in a Church in Toronto, Canada, pastored by John and Carol Arnott. There was joy and laughter and inner healing that was taking place in the lives of those who were touched by it as well as many outward manifestations as the Saints reacted to the touch of God in their lives. This Movement took on names to identify itself such as Holy Laughter, The River and New Wine (Psalm 46:4; John 7:37- 39).
One of the main purposes of God in this move had to do with control issues. God was freeing His Church from the control of man and the control of religious spirits. It seemed also that the Church was falling in love with Jesus all over again, but in a deeper way. Renewal centers began springing up all over the world as the movement spread. The River is still flowing today and the Lord is still saying to all that are thirsty to Come, Jump in!

The Apostle 1994-Present

In 1994 as God began to move in the Renewal, He also began to restore the office of the Apostle to the Church. This, as with the Prophetic Office, was a new phenomenon to the present day Church. And again, the questions and controversies began to arise as to what is an Apostle? What is their function and purpose to the present day Church? The key word that describes the function of the Apostle is the word relationship. And the secondary word is power, - Relational Power, or Relational Authority. Yes, the Church is in need of a Power Surge, but the Apostle shows us that this power or authority comes through relationship. In Acts 4:13, 14 the well trained Pharisees were amazed that these uneducated fishermen could move with such power! But then they realized that these simple men had been with Jesus. The lives of the early Apostles were impacted, not just by Biblical knowledge, but by a Relationship. With the restoration of the Apostolic Office came a much deeper revelation of the Heavenly Father. In 1995 John Arnott wrote a timely book describing the Renewal that was taking place in Toronto. He entitled the book, The Father’s Blessing. The Apostle Paul stated in I Corinthians 4:15, the need for Fathers in the Church, and the Apostles were now coming forth to fill that need and represent the Father’s Heart.

Healing, Signs and Wonders 1998-Present

With the Apostolic Movement came a tremendous surge of Power to the Church, with reports of even the dead being raised! There was now a strong emphasis on the Five-Fold ministries to really equip the Saints so they could do the work of ministry. In 1998-99 a powerful healing movement began in America and Canada. God began to raise up people who travelled the globe, not just demonstrating the healing power of Jesus, but with the true Apostolic Father’s heart, to train and equip others to move in the healing flow. Amazing signs and wonders also begin to take place during this time with reports of oil appearing on people’s hands during meetings as well as gold (glory dust) appearing. My wife Karen supernaturally received a gold crown on one of her teeth that continues to stand as a testimony of the Resurrection power of Jesus. He’s Alive!
Prophets, Apostles, Healings, Signs and Wonders are Extreme Christianity even to this day, but the Glory is found in the realm of the Extreme. When God wanted to transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. He chose a Very Extreme person to do it, the Prophet as John the Baptist. John was not dressed in the attire of his day and his message definitely was not Mainstream but Extreme, but eventually many jumped in. One hundred years ago the Pentecostal Movement was very extreme, but today many Believers are now baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in new tongues. Wherever you are at in your walk with the Lord, Jesus wants to take you further.God is taken His church from Glory to Glory by His Spirit. (II Cor 3:18) Hunger and Passion is the door to more. The real fun begins when one chooses not to just read about Church History but to be a Part of it!

Steve Meyering is a Revivalist from Seattle, WA, USA. He has a heart for The the Nations and visits other countries several times a year.

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