Prophecy 2016

The year of overflow. The Momentum of 2015 carried-over into 2016, and those who were Living the Dream in 2015 continued to see it happen into 2016. 2016 was a returning to your First Love, resulting in Overflow. This was the Church falling in love with Jesus all over again. Love and Blessings went together. Seeking the face of God first, and moved the hand of God. Jesus said, “If any man is thirsty let him come to me and drink.” Out of the drinking in of His Presence came the Overflow.

Karen's Vision

I was in prayer and had a vision from the Lord. (Dreams and Visions are part of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:17-18) This vision felt all consuming, as though I was being swept away to a different place. At that time in history, some prominent church leaders had been publicly exposed for their sin, and there was a lot of mockery against the Church, and I was asking the Lord about this.

Meer Heer

Gegroet vurige minnaars van Jezus in Nederland en België. Ik dank God voor jullie en bid voor jullie en jullie natiën. Dat er een grotere opwekking zal komen en een machtige beweging van de Gods Geest door het land zal vegen en het de grootste oogst van zielen ooit, zal opleveren. Men heeft mij gevraagd wat ik geloof en ik geloof echt dat het DE tijd van oogst is voor degenen die bereid zijn uit te gaan in de velden, om Gods Liefde met anderen, te delen. Die boodschap heb ik...

Prophecy 2017

Prophecy for Israel

2017, The Year of the Supernatural Harvest and Focus on Israel

2017 is the Year of the Harvest, yes a year of increase and harvest in many areas of life. 2016 was the year of overflow and extravagant love, and many of the seeds that were sown in 2016 become the harvest of 2017. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that the overflow mindset will continue into 2017, Luke 6:38, so the key is to maintain a spirit of generosity in giving and love and forgiveness. Continue to live and to love at another level.

Israel and the End-Time Harvest
The two main Psalms of 2017 are Psalm 122 and Psalm 126. If you prayerfully read these two Psalms then you will understand more what God is doing in 2017. Psalm 122 speaks of Jerusalem, as the focus of God will be on Israel and Jerusalem. I feel that 2017 is a Jubilee year for Israel and I will explain more about this later in this prophecy. Psalm 122:6

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you” Psalm 126:5,6 speaks of the Harvest, yes a supernatural harvest will take place this year, a Harvest of Souls and a Financial harvest, yes a Jubilee Harvest. What many have been praying for they will see! “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, shall doubtless come again rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him”

God will also be speaking much through the Book of Isaiah. Many of the verses and chapters in the Book of Isaiah will have a present day application. It would be advantageous to you to familiarize yourself with the Book of Isaiah.

2017 is the year of Extremes!!!!!
Lows and highs back to back. Buy gold, buy silver, buy oil. Buy it now! 12/27/16 The gold Speaks of the Glory, which shall be revealed in a greater way in 2017. The Glory of the Lord is revealed in the extreme realm. Isaiah 40:3-5. Silver speaks of redemption, for the harvest is ripe, and millions shall be redeemed by the Precious Blood of Jesus. Jesus Paid the Price! Oil speaks of the Anointing, and we are in a season of mega grace. Supernatural power is Increasing for the Saints Movement to bring in the End-Time harvest. Acts 4:33 An Acts Chapter 4 baptism of boldness and love and power is coming upon the Churches that cry out for more!

The sparks will fly in 2017
but the key is to bow low, Yes, humble yourself and the Lord will raise you up in power and victory! God is visiting also the waste places of your life and turning them into the Garden of the Lord! Isaiah 35:1,2 and Isaiah 51:3 The Harvest shall come and the weak shall become strong. In the weakest area of your life God will be glorified!

Winds of change are blowing in 2017, but they are favorable winds.
As we just yield ourselves, the wind of God will take us into our God-given destiny, where prosperity and victory are waiting. It will be a “Windfall” which is a good thing, as that speaks of fruit that falls off of the tree because of the wind blowing. This makes it easier to pick up the harvest because you do not have to climb the tree. God moves in times and seasons- Seedtime and Harvest. Ecc. 3:1,2 2016 was a Seedtime Year where the Seeds were sown, and the Lord was teaching us about the benefits of generosity and giving, and it will continue into 2017.

2017 is the year of harvest
Yes it is harvest time and more so as we come into the second half of the year. The End-Time harvest is upon us. The Age of the Gentiles is almost over, and the Lord Jesus will be returning for His first love Israel, and of course, the Ecclesia. But now is the time of the Great Ingathering of souls and we must pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send forth laborers into the ripened harvest fields. A cry should be coming from our own hearts at this time. “Here I am, Send Me” Isaiah 6:8

A great financial harvest will come for the harvest and harvesters Divine alignment concerning wealth will come. Proverbs 3:9,10 God will also bring correction concerning finance because He loves His children. Proverbs 3:11,12

Superman and Wonder Women will appear in 2017 You may look like a mild mannered Clark Kent on the outside, but you are a Superman on the inside, who is empowered by God, and you are entering into an Acts 4:33 season of mega grace, super power! You are really a Super Man and a Wonder Woman! Now is the time to arise to the occasion and display those extrasensory powers and supernatural strength. 2017 is the “Year of Greater Things.” Jesus wants you to do greater things than He did for His Glory! It is time to run through a troop and leap over a wall and outrun a chariot and walk on water and be translated and lead a multitude to Jesus! Isaiah 40:28-31

The 5 Spiritual Senses shall be greatly heightened in 2017
God will open your spiritual sense to smell, to breathe in the beautiful fragrance of His presence and to be overwhelmed by the sense of His manifest presence. This year you will know that you are a Spirit, and you have a Soul, and you live in a Body. For many the reality of this will hit home. Instead of thinking body, soul, spirit, it will be Spirit, soul, earthsuit. And it’s just about time for a new set of clothes!

This is a Time of Acceleration for the Harvest. Amos 9:13
God’s people are called to operate beyond their natural capabilities. In 2017, the supernatural will become the natural or the norm. Mindsets will be quickly changing concerning our identity and purpose, for the church was created for a time like this! Much of the church is still waiting for the rapture, but all of creation is groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of Go

God is Doing a New Thing in 2017. Isaiah 43:18,19.
The Dictionary definition of the word “Trump” gives us prophetic insight. “A valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage. II Trump is a pawn in the hand of God being used in much the same way as Cyrus, King of Persia was used to further the purposes of God, first of all concerning Israel and Jerusalem, II Chr. 36:22,23, and then the rest of the world. Rest assured that God knows what He is doing!

The Focus in 2017 will be upon Jerusalem and upon the Harvest
2017, I believe, is a Jubilee year for Israel. Many theologians believed it was 2016, but looking back in history, it is easy to see that 2017 is a Jubilee year. The two main things that have to do with Jubilee are Restoration of what was lost and debts were forgiven. Land was restored Back and those who were in bondage were set free. Lets take a look at the events surrounding Israel for the past 100 years to understand the significance of 2017 in relation to the Jubilee year.

The 1917 Balfour Declaration
Purpose- To establish a Homeland for the Jewish people. The British Mandate was a Zionist Dream come true! The Moslem Turks had occupied Israel for 400 years (8 jubilees), but in 1917 they were driven out of Israel under the command of General Allenby who was a devout, radical Christian. Allenby and His forces took the city of Jerusalem and drove out the Turks without a shot being fired or any damage to the city. God gave him some verses from Isaiah to use as his strategy. Isaiah 31:4,5 His strategy was to fly airplanes over the city, not to drop bombs, but to drop leaflets telling the turks to surrender! Panic ensued and the Turks fled the city by night just as General Allenby and the Army were praying for. The British entered the city without a shot being fired! Air Superiority!

“Like Birds flying about, so will the Lord of Hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending, He will also deliver it; Passing over, He will preserve it” Isa.31:5

By definition, 1917 was a Jubilee Year for Israel! Fast forward 50 years, which is the number of years for a Jubilee and we have 1967.

1967, Six day war in Israel
The Nations surrounding Israel vowed to total annihilation of Israel and to drive all Israelis into the sea! But the Israelis destroyed the Egyptian air force in a pre-emptive airstrike, and in a Six Day Miracle, Israel doubled in size and took occupation of Jerusalem! That sounds very much like a Jubilee Year for Israel! Spiritually speaking, 1967 was recognized as the beginning of the Charismatic Movement! The Holy Ghost broke through denominational barriers to baptize many in the Holy Ghost!

2017 Jerusalem will be recognized as the Capitol of Israel
With the new Administration to take office January 20th in the USA, there will be a push to move The American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and also to allow Jews to have more of Jerusalem and Israel to settle in. This will cause sparks to fly, but it is a Jubilee year! In 1917 and 1967 there was conflict, but God intervened because of covenant promise and the prayers and declarations of God’s people in agreement with His will and timing.

2017 also marks the 500 year celebration of the Reformation
On October 31,1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 point thesis on the door of the Palace Church in Wittenburg Germany, marking the start of the Reformation! Yes, “The just shall live by Faith” in Jesus the Christ the Messiah.
With all of that said, we can see just how important this year is in our lives and in the plan of God. It is the time of the Supernatural harvest and a focus upon Israel. The time of the Great Harvest is upon us. Are you believing and praying and asking God to save all of your family, and those that are near and dear to you!? Ask the Lord to prepare you and use you in the Harvest, and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. We need air superiority that comes by prayer and praise. I declare over you that 2017 will be one of the best and most productive and blessed years of your life. I declare over you that you will rise up and be a Superman and a Wonder Woman, to move in power and love and bring great glory to God your Father, and to be a blessing to those around you. I declare over you amazing times of meeting with God in the secret place of the Most High and being overwhelmed by His great love for you. God is for you!

Mucho Agape,
Stephen Meyering,

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