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JULY 2016


I hope that you are “Living the Dream” in 2016! It has been an incredible year so far for me and Glory Rain Ministries, since I have taken on the “Overflow Mindset.” I am seeing more Salvations, Healings and Prophesying at another level. By definition, the Overflow Mindset is entering a place of extravagant love and giving, and as you live and sow at that level, then you begin to reap at that level! Luke 6:38

As I am preparing for a trip to Cuba in September, which was one of my dreams for 2016, I realized the importance of a Team, to see success come for this Missions Trip. God will always put things before you that are bigger than yourself, so you can Trust Him, and also look to other people to help accomplish the goals. Have you come to the place where you realize that you need others to fulfill your destiny, and that others need you to fulfill theirs? Divine Design!

We are fast approaching the 2016 Summer Olympics, and we can watch as the best athletes on the planet compete for the right to stand on the Podium and receive medals for their stellar performance. What we may not realize is the support group that just one star athlete has to help him get to winners circle. One athlete alone may have a coach, an assistant coach, a sports doctor, a nutritionist, a masseuse, a weight trainer, as well as training partners to help them reach his or hers greatest performance level. It is important to surround yourself with people who know more than you and can help you go to another level. As a Christian, having people praying for you is also a vital part of the support group. Very rarely does someone succeed all on their own, but they have a team of dedicated, passionate and gifted people who help to make those dreams and accomplishments come true.

Besides the fulfilling of dreams and goals, and other accomplishments that come by Teamwork, there are many benefits of Teamwork, and I would like to share some using Biblical teams to Illustrate.

1. Teamwork will help you to develop character and grow in precision.
When David first formed his team it was a motley crew. 1 Sam 22:1,2
“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Pr.27:17
When David formed his Team in the Cave Adullam, it was 400 men who were lacking in character and were in distress, in debt and discontented. But over the years, they grew in character and strength and many became the “Mighty Men” mentioned in later chapters. Teamwork will help you to develop in character and discipline.

2. All team members have a vital role in reaching the goal or accomplishment.
The Team that accompanied Jesus was much larger than the 12 Disciples. In particular, it included many women, among whom was Mary Magdalene, who is also mentioned as a Disciple, and who “Ministered” (Diakoneo) to Jesus and the Disciples. Lk. 8:1-3, Mk.15:40-41 Many of the women that followed Jesus provided money, food and prayers, and stood with Him also at His Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection.

3. Teams prepare the next generation for fruit that remains and flourishes.
The problem with the one man ministry is it usually dies with the man. The Lord wants us to bear fruit that remains. So in the framework of the Team, you are training others. The Apostle Paul’s team prepared and used the next generation. That is why it was so successful in taking the Gospel to the then known world, and being relevant. Old time religion is for old time people! But the young and the young at heart will reach the next generation because they see through a lens that is relevant to that generation. The Apostle Paul had many young people on his Team such as Timothy and John Mark and Titus. One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is 1 Chr. 25:8. It states that on Mt. Zion where David’s Tabernacle was, where they worshipped the Lord 24/7, that the “Teacher was with the Student,” so in the atmosphere of that Glory the next generation learned to play and sing and prophesy!

I want to thank all of you at this time who are praying for us and supporting us and Glory Rain, and those who have housed and fed me and encouraged me to keep moving forward. You have helped me to fight the Good Fight, and know that there is laid up for you a “Crown of Righteousness” which I believe the Lord shall give you on the Day of His Appearing.

If you have any questions or you need any information, please fill contact form and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Mucho Agape,
Steve Meyering,

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