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The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that 2016 is the Year of Overflow!
The Overflow Mindset begins first with a heart of giving, then as you sow in the Overflow you reap of the Overflow. This should be on of the Best years of your life! Full of Breakthroughs and Miracles as it is a Jubilee year.

We are now entering into a Move of God, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that it is the kind that comes along every 25 years! Renewal and Revival is already breaking out in different parts of the World.
One of the hotspots right now is San Diego, California, and it will be spreading through Southern California and up to The Washington State. But to Experience the Overflow that the Lord is speaking about the Spirit of the Lord is first working on the Wineskin, The heart, to purify and expand and empower that the Rivers of Life would flow out in extreme measure, the Overflow will cause Rivers to swim in!

The source of the Overflow is Jesus, and the Lord spoke to me that first there will be a Returning to your First Love, (RTYFL) this involves a change of heart. I asked the Lord,“How do you return to your First Love? and this is what He revealed to Me,

1. RTYFL begins with becoming childlike. Mt18:3
Jesus said we must humble ourselves as a little child to enter in. So the way it started for us was we humbled ourselves as a Child, that is the position of our heart to Return to Him. The Lord wants our love.

2. RTYFL is going back to the Cross and the Precious Blood of Jesus
We have Redemption, Forgiveness of sins, and Cleansing through the Shed Blood of Jesus. Eph.1:7, I Jn. 1:7-9 The Blood of Jesus is just as powerful now as when you first received it. The Priest in the Old Covenant were told to never Let the fire of the Altar go out. Lev.6:12,13 If we don’t see how important the Blood of Jesus is for our lives, then we won’t keep it available for others.

3. RTYFL means returning to the Joy of your salvation. Ps. 51:12
When we first got saved the things of this world paled in comparison to His Great love and His wonder-Filled Kingdom. But, as the years go on the cares of this world seem to slowly creep in and take control of our lives and emotions. marriage, Kids, promotions, house, ministry, and then retirement, all these things are good, but we can also be consumed by the cares of the world.
When the 70 came back rejoicing to see that they had power over demons, Jesus reminded them not to rejoice over that, but rather rejoice that your names are written in heaven, that they were saved. If we have lost the Joy of our salvation then we are probably not sharing this Joy with others.

4. RTYFL means having an extreme hunger for the word of God
I remember the night I got saved I was at a party in Waikiki, I was walking around asking if anyone had a Bible! Because I wanted to understand more what had Just taken place in my life. at one time i used to memorize whole chapters of the Bible.
Jeremiah said “Your words were found and I did eat them, and they were unto me the Joy and the rejoicing of my heart. The Berea's searched the scripture daily, Man shall not live by Bread alone.

5. RTYFL spending quality time in Prayer with the one you love
Do you still have and express hunger for a Meeting with Him. Ps.42:1,2 How is your prayer life? we used to stay up all night in Prayer, many churches had Pre service Prayer times- now its coffee time. I declare over you a Prayer Breakthrough and a life changing meeting with the Lord in the Secret Place of the Most High.

6. RTYFL means having a heart of continual thanksgiving and praise
It is the goodness of God that brought us to Repentance and birthed us into an eternal relationship with God our Father, and yes He is a good good father. A Thankful Heart is a Joyful heart is an Overflowing Heart. If there are any of these areas that spoke to you, then I pray over you that you can Humble yourself as a Little child and ask the Father to Pick you up and Hold you, for this is going to be one of the Best years of your life. Loving Jesus is what really matters, and I Pray for you that you will have a Revelation of His Love for you and you will receive Grace to Seek the face of God. Love is the answer. If you have drifted away it is time to return, time to go deeper in His love.

Mucho Agape,
Steve Meyering,

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