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It has been and amazing summer. God is moving in mighty ways. I have been able to spend some quality time with my wife Karen, and do some traveling together through the western part of America. During the Journey I learned once again the importance of relationship, through my precious wife Karen. In a relationship Love is validated and nurtured through spending quality time together, and also knowing, and acting upon what you know pleases the other.

I believe the verses in Song of Solomon 7:10-12 are very prophetic of this present time as it speaks of a walking together through the Harvest Fields. There is a depth of relationship that you can only have with God on the Harvest Field.

Through our Love relationship with Jesus we are to bear fruit, John 15:1-16. That is one of the products of relationship, to reproduce, and see many born into the Kingdom and Family of God. As it is in the Natural, so it is in the Spiritual, the product of relationship is souls. Babies are born. I hope that in your relationship with Jesus that babies are being born from above. It takes two to reproduce. Out of Intimacy Life comes forth.


The Shulamite woman in Song of Solomon 7:10 made this startling declaration. Those who make this statement have come to a place where they are secure in His love, and when you come to this place, insecurity goes. Yes, selfishness goes. Then it is no longer about you, but about the other person, how you can please Him. Her first words after this was, “Come my Beloved let us go forth to the Field." And in verse 12 she said, “There I will give you my Love.” Out of that relationship, and the security she found, she now wanted to please the Lord, and she knew one of the biggest cries of His heart and the heart of the Father is for souls, as God is not willing that any should perish. So Let’s Go! There is a hole in the heart of God that can only be filled with people. Just how big is this hole? It is as big as this world. Will you help to fill the hole? Remember, perfect love cast out all the fear. Keep falling in Love with Jesus!

It's Harvest Time all over the world! In Europe right now, many Muslim refugees are coming to Jesus and being added to the church. Just Google “Muslims coming to Jesus in Europe” and you can read about this. Twice in my meetings in Europe I have had Muslims come in off the streets and Receive Jesus!


I have received over 10,000 names in the last 9 months from all over the world, asking us to pray for the salvation of loved ones. Karen and I are praying over these names and expect a mighty harvest, as in Ps. 126! In a few weeks I will go to Israel and bring all of these 10,000 names before the Lord at the Kotel, which is the prayer wall in Jerusalem. I declare over you that it will be a September to Remember as God moves in power and Love in and through your life to Save, Heal, and Deliver your friends and family.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support, and friendship. We are praying for you! Reach up now and take a Big Drink of God’s Goodness and Love for you.

Mucho Agape,
Steve Meyering

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